Discussion Board 6-21-2018

Up at the cabin with nephew, brother and son. Trying to hang the last of the siding.

I’ll be pretty much out of pocket tomorrow. Trump was in Duluth MN tonight. Have no idea what he said but pretty sure he lied.

BOard is open.

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Discussion Board 6-20-2018

So we appear to be on the brink of a full-scale trade war with our nemeses’ as well as our closest allies. On the one hand I have great fear that Trump’s ego will ever allow him to compromise on his tariff/trade war agenda even in the face of massive economic damage in the USA and the world. On the other hand, since Trump seems to have a well-developed talent for lying, to others as well as to himself and, since he seems to vehemently believe his own lies. I’m hopeful that delusional Trump, contrary to the facts, will suddenly latch on to irrelevant fact or event and somehow declare trade war victory.¬† Once victory has been declared it is unlikely that Trump will reverse direction since that would require that he made a mistake. In this fashion, I believe that Trump will save the world from Trump and then of course brag about his heroic and omniscient deeds.

OK, even I am a little confused by my own logic?? However, regardless, the earth will continue to turn and likewise the board is open for another day. Whew!

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Discussion Board 6-19-2018

Not sure if this is anything to worry about just yet. Especially since we’re only talking Russia here. But, given our rapidly growing deficit spending and the fact that we really do rely on foreign investors to finance our out of control debt, this is definitely something we all need to watch.

Russia cuts Treasury holdings in half as foreigners start losing appetite for US debt

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Discussion Board 6-18-2018

Well this was a new one. Someone called my OMER shares at my $20 strike price on Friday even tho the shares closed the day at $19.91. Granted a small premium but still?? Why not just buy the shares at market? I have no idea why someone would do this?

Jeff Miller remains a “1” ST and a “1” LT on his market health index. He points out that in spite of potentially market moving news/tweets during the week, volatility actually fell last week. I’m going to consider putting more cash to work on Monday. This is probably a ST increase. Looking primarily at US equities. I did reduce my already rather small emerging market holdings at Friday’s close. I think trade war fears will continue to impact them negatively. I have no EURO based tight now and that has been a good decision over the last few months.

Jeff Miller points out a post by Chuck Carnivale looking at the attractive valuation and dividend of Proctor and Gamble (PG). I just cashed in some puts on P&G last Friday and Chuck’s article has convinced me to sell some more on Monday.

Barron’s had a compelling valuation argument for American AXL. Risks are its dependence on GM for its revenue as well as its high debt levels in the event of a significant downturn in the auto (especially full size SUV and Pickup) industry. Rewards are generally tied to the current strength of it business but also the fact that it’s axle product is not solely dependent on vehicles powered by gas and oil but in fact is just as important for EVs and any vehicle that requires an axle. I may take a nibble pre-markst to at least take advantage of the Barron’s bounce.

Also saw a compelling article in Seeking Alpha about the mobile accessories company ZAGG. The author makes  a growth argument for ZAGG and I see some decent momentum in its one year chart. Worth another pre-market look.


Lot’s of opportunities to consider.

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Discussion Board 6-15-2018

Got a number of nice divi’s being paid today. FPF, FDEU, NSPRC and PEI. Annual yield is from 9.35 to 7.47%. Nice

Saw the IG’s report on James Comey. From the moment I first heard James Comey speak I thought he was a complete and utter BOOOOOOB! No partisan politics here. How the heck did this guy get appointed to head the FBI in the first place? He just seemed confused to me.


Not at all surprised by the IG’s report. This bonehead did no one any favors and hopefully this is the last we hear of him (that said, I saw Alan Greenspan waxing eloquently about his total friggin BS (Greenspan should be in jail, to repeat “IN JAIL!!!) In stead, I keep seeing him on CNBC. He looks like he’s going to keel over at any minute and I”m not against that happening.

Damn I’m getting tired on this friggin nonsense, seeing the people responsible for our current travails, ranting to buttress their own self serving lies.

I do not feel better, but hey, at least Trump is going to drain the swamp ala Scott Pruitt. Big sigh.

Nonetheless board is open.

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Discussion Board 6-14-2018

Driving back from the cabin last Monday with my dog, I stopped at a dog friendly rest stop to let Lilli do her thing for a few minutes and stretch my legs. When I pulled in somewhere near Hinkley MN, I noticed there were 12 brand new EV charging stations and every single slot was taken with 4 cars waiting for their turn.

The world is changing and we all have to keep our eyes open to spot investment trends and opportunities. Beyond the fact that EV is quickly becoming mainstream and an obvious focus for our future investments, I’m on the lookout for an EV/hybrid that can tow at least 4000 lbs. Just started looking, but I’m going to love the search. Does Uber have a tow vehicle category? Not just UberX but Ubertow?

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Discussion Board 6-13-2018

First net neutrality is outlawed by Trump and now:

AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner with no conditions

Get ready to pay a hell of a lot more for your web access and content. The Trump administration just tacitly OK’d oligopoly control of the web we all know and love with no limits. Big sigh. I don’t know about the rest of you but in my area we have one and only one cable provider. Charter Communications is already hated and reviled in my area for their shitty service and the thought of increasing their control is scary.

Board is open

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