Discussion Board 6-23-2017

Marshall had great timing on TK. I followed him into a full long position as well as 2 full share equal July and August long call positions. Also had a full position in VRX which I sold calls on at the end of the day to protect gains. Finally my SEDG, NRZ and GILD were all up over 4%. All in all an extra great day. Overall up 182 basis points. I also started positions in IBB and BIIB on Tuesday which I’m thinking have still got at least several days of upside ahead.

Haven’t looked at the Senate health bill but from what little I’ve read I can’t really see a whole lot of difference from the House bill? Screw the little guy and shovel more $$s to the Trump’s buddies. Great … big sigh.

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Discussion Board 6-22-2017

One last busy day. Then fly home this afternoon. Had a couple of my stops hit on TGT and UGT. Haven’t had time for any buys. Should be back tomorrow.

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Discussion Board 6-21-2017

Sorry to let you down, another long day. Hopefully Marshall or Trader can pick up the pace.

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Discussion Board 6-20-2017

Had a very good day yesterday. Ended up 132 basis points led by VRX, BAC warrants and AAPL. At a conference today and tomorrow so I’ll be out of pocket most of the day. Looks like futures are up again.

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Discussion Board 6-19-2019

Barrons keyed off the Amazon/Whole Foods buy to recommend a Data Center REIT “DLR” or Digital Realty Center. Took a look at the Dividend.com view which seems to pass muster with a 3.19% divi, only a 62% payout ratio a history of 12 years of divi increases. I like the story for the same reason I bought MRAM, NVDA and SOXX, all of which have been very successful trades for me. I plan on taking a full position sometime on Monday.

Barrons also recommended GE with a 15% upside. Unfortunately, to placate activist investors, GE under Immelt ran up amazing amounts of debt to buy back stock and unsucessfully prop up the stock price. Alternatively, GE could have used the same borrowings to catch up on their sky high pension liabilities. In the end the buy back had 0 impact on the stock price and left the company with even more debt on top of the existing pension debt. I love the know-how, products and industries where this company excels. But I need to see some spine and common sense in the new management before these guys are even close to a buy.

Great article in Barrons about the world’s accelerating shift away from carbon based energy. Looking a a more broad based investment to try to at least keep a toes in this idea. TAN?


Finally, apparently Robins are really pissed off about Donald Trump

This is B'shit

That might just be my read?

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Discussion Board 6-16-2017

Even Hunter S. Thompson had lucid moments.


One of my favorite books “Fear and Loathing in  Las Vegas”. I highly recommend it.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s outlook shows renewables will be cheaper than oil and gas almost everywhere almost everywher in the world in just a few years. Just bought another 6 solar panels for my cabin up north. an additional 1500 watts of energy that I probably don’t need but hey, it was ridiculously cheap, 38 cents per watt. Coal is history and I firmly believe oil and even gas is next. I have absolutely lost my ass on my CSIQ play last year but I firmly believe solar is the future of all energy.

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Discussion Board 6-15-2017

Dispicable shooting of our Congressman at an early morning practice for the annual Democrats v Republican baseball event. Horrifying and there really is no explanation. I’m hearing calls for “unity” and let’s hope that means some meaningful bipartisan cooperation on legislation actually in the interest of citizens?

Returning to our healthcare crisis, I just read a CNBC article on Apple’s big push into the health industry:

Imagine turning to your iPhone for all your health and medical information — every doctor’s visit, lab test result, prescription and other health information, all available in a snapshot on your phone and shared with your doctor on command. No more logging into hospital web sites or having to call your previous doctor to get them to forward all that information to your new one. Apple is working on making that scenario a reality.

This could be a huge deal. From my own experience with my Mom. I can’t tell you how many times different providers ran the same test over and over again just because they didn’t have access to the records of the prvious provider, or how many times they prescribed the same drugs (that didn’t work the previous 4 times they had been prescribed) simply because they didn’t know that the drug had been tried unsucessfully before. If rolled out comprehensively, this could significantly improve quality and cost effectiveness of care. Maybe not the silver bullet for health care but this could be a huge step in the right direction.

Paying closer attention to Banks after Yellen’s rate hike.

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