Discussion Board 11-14-2018

Another big drop in TK today. It is down close to 15% since last week from 7.35 to 6.27 today on no news and before earnings on the 15th. THis is making me very nervous. They are supposed to have great earnings with dramatically improved cash flow for a potential increase in their dividend as well as a potential restructuring as a C-Corp. If all the above happened then I would expect a pretty dramatic pop. So why is it down so much? Volumes look pretty normal over this time frame so it doesn’t look like anyone (insiders?) are unloading but?? why the big drop given the positive expectations. THis is a mintzmeyer pick. I do not subscribe to his pay for site so not sure what he thinks if in fact he has expressed an opinion about this conviction buy of his. I did sell about 1/3rd of my TK shares in the am today.

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Discussion Board 11-13-2018

Sorry everyone, Son’s car broke down last night and I had to help him with that.

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Discussion Board 11-12-2018

Jeff Miller has raised his LT indicator to a “4” from the lowest rating, a “5”. His ST indicators remain a “5”. The improvement is primarily a function of reduced uncertainty resulting from the completed mid-term elections. Jeff still thinks the primary threats to the markets are trade related and is hopeful that something may improve from Trump and Xi’s meeting scheduled for the end of the month.

Although recognized but not emphasized by JMiller, I still think the Mueller investigation may be coming to a end. Apparently he recently returned various legal and investigative resources to their normal duties. Odds are that if Mueller does release his report, he will probably do it either just before or just after the new Congress is sworn in on Jan. 3. In reaction to this and other factors, I really do need to have a plan for this year end. At least so far, I really do not have a need for tax planning since I am basically flat or a little down for the year.

Two interesting posts from the week. First Chuck Carnavale’s post about diversifying your investments by sector as well as some attractive divi growth stocks.


Second, Barrons has high hopes for VW.


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Discussion Board 11-9-2018

Another shitty day in my trading accounts yesterday and very busy day today. Sorry for the short open but I’ll be trying to log in during the day.

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Discussion Board 11-8-2018

Time is running out for Roert Mueller to either put up or shut up.

Did Sessions Quit or Get Fired? Mueller’s Fate May Hang on the Answer

Trump is angling to end the Mueller investigation by  replacing the AG and others that control or approve Muellers actions.

Trump is in trouble and he knows it.


So the question is?? when do we see Trump encouraged brown shirts racing around major metropolitan areas smashing the windows of Jews and other “enemies of the people” errrr, I mean Trump.

He is already attacking the media on basically a daily basis. Calling black women journalists racist. Just wierd. Trump is not the kind of guy who will go quietly and as the walls close in…… he has the powers of the presidency to kill an ant with a sledgehammer.

Pretty scary times actually.


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Discussion Board 11-7-2018

Well, it looks like the Dems will gain a majority in the House (but not by any kind of a “blue wave” margin and it looks like the Republicans will actually pick up a couple Senate seats. The Markets will probably read this as a big positive and I expect to put some of my prodigous cash hoard back to work tommorrow if only until we get closer to YE.

Dems control of at least one house of Congress is critical to get at least some kind of check against our sociopathic President and his facist leanings.

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Discussion Board 11-6-2018

Finally!! Election day is here. No more commercials about how the other guy or gal is going to kill your grand-parents and all your friends disabled children, or alternatively cut your social security and medicare so they can shovel $trillions of dollars to their rich buddies (ok that part is true), or how the other person wants to let in “hordes” and “waves” of illegal immigrant drug dealing rapist (but hey that’s not racist, right?).

Anyway, I’ll be happy when its over. If we get a Democrat take-over of the house and Republicans retain control of the Senat then markets should respond pretty favorably. A democratic sweep? This is my biggest fear. Trumps folly (via $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich and large corps) has just about run its course and if the Dems take both houses, the inevitable downturn will of course be blamed on anti Trump forces. Only potential positive outcome?? Trump dies of a heart attack???? Hey just kidding.m ostly because then we get Pence with an IQ of 85 and an evangilistic certainty of what is right,,,, for everyone.

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