Discussion Board 12-13-2019

So King Trump signed a phase 1 deal with China?? Is the market buying this?

Surveillance society. Have you seen the latest regarding RING? Apparently some scary bad person hacked an 8 year old girls room and tormented her as a super scary santa. Ring of course gave several ridiculously complicated instruction on how to secure your device.

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a fullproof idea. Don’t friggin buy the “Ring” or any other device that has an ability to eavesdrop visually or audiologically on your privacy. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not have a single “smart” aka “intrusive surveilance” device in my home!

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Discussion Board 12-12-2019

Not much going on in the market, at least till we get the yes or no tariff news on the 15th.

Soooooooo, In the meantime I’ve been perusing the Christmas cologne, er, I mean “Parfum” commercials which only come out this time of year. My favorite,


Its not “Savage” you cretin! its “Sauvage” the french equivalent which is waayyyyy cooler. Wonder what Johnny Depp got paid for this commercial? Also wonder if he might need some pine needles, eh?

Having fun and board is open.

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Discussion Board 12-11-2019

Up slightly yesterday. Everyone is waiting on the Tariffs and if Trump will go forward with them or delay.

Powell speaks after the Feds December meeting on Wednesday. No one expects anything significant and we’d all be surprised if the speech is anything but benign.

CPI was up a little higher than expected but not frightening so.

Gonna be another blase day.

Board is open.

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Discussion Board 12-10-2019

I see Softbank is trying to rejoin the real world?? and is selling back its interest in the dog walking startup called WAG.


What the hell were these idiots thinking??

In the same vein,

“Away” is a high priced luggage company and that is all. They might make good luggage but are they really any better than Travel Pro or Briggs and Stratten and are they really worth $1.4 billion??

How do I get my hands on some of this free money?? I’m going to start a high tech experiential social media web company selling the great outdoors experience. I’ll specialize in shipping gold leaf envelopes stuffed with pine needles that can be sniffed and used to virtually experience the great white north, eh? We’ll also sell subscriptions to nature videos that virtual ecoIogists (i.e. our shills, I mean customers) can view on the web while they virtually hike and ride through forest videos while sniffing pine needles and riding their pelotons and treadmills. I have an unlimited supply of pine needles and I think with the right experiential marketing my company should be capitalized at well over a $billion. Who’s in?

Ended the day yesterday in the green. Up 32 basis points which beat the US indexes all of which ended in the red.

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Beginning to look a lot like Xmas – 12-9-2019

The fate of Trump’s threatened Dec 15 tariffs should dominate the week’s conversations. Doesn’t sound like a “Phase 1” deal will happen so can we hope for a delay?

Good post on PCI in Seeking Alpha.


PCI just declared a special divi of 45 cents in addition to its normal monthly divi of 17 cents. I own a full position in the name and it has performed very well for me. Trades at a slight premium to underlying assets but it just keeps chugging along with its 8%+ divi. I may add to my position.

Barrons had a couple interesting articles. One touting Capital One bank will probably run away from an attractive buy price on the normal Barrons Monday bounce so while I may watch, I probably will not get an opportunity to buy.

The second focused on small caps.


Specifically, Barrons highlighted a name I’ve had on my watch list for several weeks. Compass Diversified Holdings CODI “gives investors a way to play a variety of industries, and it pays a substantial dividend. It is a holding company that works like a private-equity firm, buying small and midsize companies, improving them, and then selling or spinning them off. Among its current subsidiaries are manufacturers of baby carriers, circuit boards, and food-warming devices for restaurants.” I’ve been holding back on CODI because even tho they pay a 6.1% divi, they’ve already had big gains in 2019 and the stock is just a little pricey, trading at a forward multiple of 19.9X. In addition, CODI seems more in a harvesting mode in selling some of thte businesses it previously acquired and rehabilitated vs making additional attractive acquisitions for future profit. They may be pausing their acquisitions pipeline in the face of current higher valuations and waiting for a correction that might make acquisition pricing more attractive. Really like the name and the management but, is now the time to buy? 6% divi in this case may make it profitable to get paid while we wait?

Cut the cord on my cable tv on saturday. Felt great to hand in a full grocery bag of cable boxes and remotes. Tried Hulu live and AT&T TV free trials and decided to go with AT&T simply because there is no contract for either and ATT included HBO for free. Wife likes several shows on HBO that she can’t get elsewhere. Overall I cut my monthly TV/Internet bill by $80 a month with virtually identical viewing choices. Sweet.

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Discussion Board 12-6-2019

Big jobs report this morning. With the new Tariffs hanging over the market’s head the jobs report will have special importance.

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Discussion Board 12-5-2019

Started a little late up at the cabin today. Job claims looked very good versus yesterday’s ADP private payroll report which looked pretty bad.

Markets are up just a little on the claims. BLS jobs report tomorrow.

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